Milwaukee Career College would like to take the time to recognize our students, staff and graduates who have served our country. This is our salute to you! Thank you for your service and all that you have done for this country!

Veterans Day Cover Photo

Melissa Carroll served in the US Army and established a ranking of Specialist/E-4. She was interested in joining because she wanted to serve for her country and better herself as a person. Melissa also had family who had served in the army and wanted to continue the tradition. She served at Fort Riley and toured in Iraq from 2010-2011. Her most memorable experience serving in the army was when she was deployed and her battles that she relied upon. Melissa says that her military training and experience prepared her for success in civilian life by teaching her the respect. “Transitioning from military life to civilian life is tougher than it seems. You get used to doing things by a stricter standard. The small things like walking and talking on your phone arent allowed or having your hands in your pockets. It takes a lot to finally get back to doing those things and having it be ok.”


Melissa Watts served in the US Army.After serving in Friedberg Germany, she established a ranking of Specialist/E-4 when discharged. Melissa enjoyed learning the art of shooting while serving. Her most memorable experience serving in the army was the day she met her husband who was also stationed in Germany. Her training and experiences in the army prepared her for civilian life by teaching her how to take harsh criticism with pride. She also learned how to work with many diverse types of people from different areas.