Christmas gifts for veterinary technicians

Perfect Vet Tech Gifts for the Holidays

Everyone knows Christmas is the time to make the special people in your life feel appreciated. Well, your veterinary technician should be at the top of Santa’s list. After all, they care for your fuzzy and feathered friends when they are sick, reassure you about their progress, and make a vet’s job a lot easier. So, after raising a glass of eggnog to your favorite vet tech, here are some gift ideas to say thank you and Merry Christmas:

Animal print scrubs

With an easy internet search, you can find dozens of options. From cartoon characters to subtle paw print patterns, you are sure to find scrubs to please any fun-loving vet tech.

Hand sanitizer and moisturizer

Vet techs are constantly touching sick animals, and wash their hands often. This can lead to dry skin. With these two products, you can help them stay clean and keep their hands looking healthy.

Pet First Aid Kit

Vet Technicians are good Samaritans by nature, and would certainly want to help an injured animal. So this gift will both make them happy and helps an animal in distress.

Surgery cap

Just like scrubs, a fun surgery cap can lighten the load of a surgical vet tech. Lots of different patterns can be found online, and some companies will even personalize them with your technician’s name.


A little more expensive, the Littmann company produces a highly regarded stethoscope specifically for veterinary use. Shop around as prices vary considerably.

Veterinary anatomical models

These are anatomical models of various animals. Some are see-through while others look real. They are educational, fun to build, and look cool on a vet tech’s desk.

Stethoscope charm

This can take the guesswork out of identifying one’s own stethoscope. They come in many colors and styles, and can really be useful in larger clinics with multiple vet techs.

Christmas tree pet ornaments

Lastly, what says “thank you for taking care of fluffy” more than a Yorkie tree ornament?

Veterinary technicians deserve credit for their knowledge, professionalism, and empathy. A Christmas gift lets them know you noticed what a great job they do.

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