Medical Assisting at MCCYou are, like many people your age, looking for a new start. You want a career, but you aren’t sure where to go. It’s a common problem, really, and one that leaves many people perplexed. Some people assume they should follow a certain path; for men, it tends to be industrial arts—HVAC, electrician, or construction worker. Women often look at administrative office work or nursing. For some reason, medical training programs don’t seem to cross their minds.

Of course, these are all noble professions that can provide a solid living to those who enter them. But are they the jobs you’re looking for? You want a job that will provide not only the money that can sustain you financially, but you want a career that will feed your soul.

Healthcare is a tremendous work environment to enter into for people looking for a new career, and it’s not just because doctors and nurses can make a lot of money. Healthcare is a unique environment that is full of promise and opportunity for you.

Of course, finding that good fit is paramount. Here are a few reasons why you might want to consider a career in healthcare:

You enjoy helping people. Of course, this reason is first and foremost. If you are someone who doesn’t enjoy helping people, healthcare may not be for you. Of course, “helping people” is a vague term, and it can mean many different things depending on your career path. If you get into medical assisting, you will be working directly with patients in many cases, tending to the sick and injured, helping perform wellness visits, and a variety of other patient services.

The healthcare industry needs you. We’re in the midst of a healthcare boom, which means there is a need for qualified medical professionals in a variety of positions. With a large demand to keep up with, those getting into healthcare can have a more lucrative opportunity facing them than they may have anticipated. Not to mention job security for those who really know their job well and can perform it at a high level.

You can build new skills. Becoming a Medical Office Support Professional or Health Information Management professional is something can build considerable job skills. They interact with the public directly, work in a professional setting with doctors and nurses, and perform a variety of healthcare-related tasks. Medical assistants perform a mix of clinical and administrative tasks. All of these skills can help you in any number of industries if you ever decide the medical field isn’t for you.

You can find a career you love. Many people entering healthcare say it’s the profession they have dreamed of entering. If you are that person, if you aren’t already trending in that direction, there is no better time than now to get into the field. Finding professional fulfillment is something a lot of people never experience. If you can find it in the medical industry, you should consider yourself lucky!