If you have always considered a career in the healthcare field, specifically the dental industry, then completing a dental assistant training program can be the fastest path to this growing job field.

The dental assistant field is expected to explode with growth in the coming years as the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that the dental assistant field will grow by 31 percent between 2010 and 2020. That’s great news for those jobseekers with professional training from a respected school like Milwaukee Career College.

If you have always been interested in a healthcare career but are not in a position to complete a lengthy and expensive degree program, then consider the dental assistant training program at Milwaukee Career College where instructors provide the kind of training and experience today’s dental employers are looking for. Students at Milwaukee Career College are completing the dental assistant training program and are receiving the skills today’s dental employers are looking for. Once the program is completed, many students have a variety of options when it comes to what type of dental facility they will work in and what type of dental assistant they will become.

The dental industry is in demand for professionally trained dental assistants as this industry becomes of the fastest growing sectors of the healthcare industry for many years to come. Good pay and benefits, an exciting work environment and the chance to help people can all be found in the dental assistant field.