Pictured is the Dental Assistant Recognition Week logo for 2017

Milwaukee Career College is honored to celebrate Dental Assistant Recognition Week! We know and love hundreds of dental assistants who have graduated from our program and built successful careers. Here, we’re excited to tell you what we love most about them!

Dental assistants care about their patients.

Our dental assistant graduates often hear about much more than teeth. They visit with patients about their concerns, fears, families, hobbies, and more to keep them calm and comfortable during their visit.

Dental assistants are prepared.

They’re prepared for any request that comes their way and they think through potential surprises in advance. Before any procedure starts, every tool is within arm’s reach. “Always be prepared” fits them to a T.

A Dental assistant puts multi-taskers to shame.

This career requires the ability to listen, communicate, and work all at the same time. Dental assistants multitask without second thought all day, every day.

They’re as reliable as they come.

With a full daily schedule, dental offices rely on assistants to be at work on time every day. They show up, rain or shine, to ensure every patient receives they care they need and want. Our graduates can be counted on without fail.

They have strong stomachs.

Infections, blood, root canals, extractions…all in a day’s work for a dental assistant. While some people faint at the sight of a needle or a drop of blood, dental assistants dig in and do what they have to do. No matter what.

They have a strong work ethic.

Dental assistants keep a full patient schedule and often work long hours with few breaks. When procedures go longer than expected, they might miss lunch or end up working late. No worry for our super graduates, who put their patients first every time.

Whether you’re currently in our program, have taught courses for our dental assistant students, or graduated with us, this week is for you! Join us in celebrating Dental Assistant Recognition Week at Milwaukee Career College!