The dental industry offers its workers a chance to work with some of the newest healthcare technology today.

According to the website, “Researchers from National Taiwan University in Taipei have developed an oral sensor that will be used to tell doctors what their patients did and when – from speaking and coughing to drinking and eating. The sensor, which can fit on a fake tooth or braces, judges oral activity by the movement of teeth.”

The article said that “This study is unique for using a sensor that was actually in the mouth,” the website reported. “The researches conducted their experiment on eight participants and found that the sensor could tell what activity was taking place around 94 percent of the time. Participants said that the sensor felt like a piece of popcorn that had been stuck between their teeth.”

One of the best parts about working in the healthcare field today is that new technologies and techniques are being developed every day. In the dental industry, new technologies like this sensor are creating a new era of oral healthcare and it can be an exciting time for dental assistants.

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