Dream Achieve Succeed Scholarship Winner

Dental Assistant student, Dominique Stangas, was recently awarded MCCs Dream Achieve Succeed Scholarship! Dominique is a dedicated student that understands the importance of post-secondary education, “By furthering my education, I am learning new skills and preparing myself for my future as a dental assistant. Without an education, it would be so much harder to reach my goal. An education is the foundation of success.”

But this isn’t Dominiques first time in post-secondary education. Before attending Milwaukee Career College, she received a bachelor’s degree in social work and was already working in a school as a special education paraprofessional. She found the work to be rewarding, but she sought something more hands-on. That’s why Dominique wanted to learn more about MCC’s Dental Assistant program! Dominique grew up loving the dentist and wanted to be able to teach patients the importance of oral hygiene. She wasn’t certain if she could become a Dental Assistant as she always struggled with science and biology classes.

It wasn’t until Dominique learned more about Milwaukee Career College that she gained the confidence to give it a try. “I was happy to learn that MCC was hands-on, offered smaller class sizes, and had teachers who wanted their students to succeed. It opened up a whole new set of doors for me. I was really drawn to MCC’s Dental Assistant program because it is both an accredited and accelerated program. Knowing that I could start mid-October and have my diploma by the end of May was something that I never thought would be possible.”

She shares that being awarded the Dream Achieve Succeed scholarship has made tuition less stressful. “When I learned I won the scholarship, I had a heavy sigh of relief, knowing that I didn’t have to worry so much about the financial burden of tuition. Without the scholarship, I would have had to spend more time working, rather than focusing 100% on my education. School is my number one priority at the moment. I have worked so hard to achieve good grades and attend class every day and so I don’t miss out on anything.”

MCC isn’t the end of Dominiques post-secondary education. After practicing as a dental assistant for about a year, she plans to go back to school for dental hygiene. “Schooling will most likely take 4 years for a part-time student so I will continue to be a dental assistant until I am a dental hygienist. I am so excited to see how I grow in my career and as a person.”

We are so proud to help you get started on your new career path, Dominique!