May 19 through 25 was National Dog Bite Prevention week and it was used as a way for veterinary officials to remind everyone any dog can bite and that steps should be taken to reduce the risk of dog bites.

“During National Dog Bite Prevention Week especially, the [American Veterinary Medical Association] reminds people that, while any dog can bite, most dog bites are preventable through proper training and restraint of dogs, and an understanding of canine behavior. Understanding how dogs behave and how to behave around dogs could save countless people from the serious physical and emotional consequences of a dog bite,” explains Dr. Douglas G. Aspros, president of the AVMA. “Dogs are wonderful, intelligent and loyal creatures, but they depend on responsible owners to teach them how to behave around people. Dog owners should work with their veterinarian to reduce the risk that their dog might bite.”

Veterinary technicians assist veterinarians during clinical procedures but they also work with pet owners to help improve animal behavior, including the risk of dog bites.

Veterinary technicians perform a variety of tasks, including monitoring animals after surgery, providing first aid to injured animals and giving medication or immunizations prescribed by the veterinarian. This career offers you a chance to work closely with animals and is often considered a dream job for those who have a passion for working with pets. The kind of training that today’s veterinarian employers look for is taught at Milwaukee Career College.