Vet TechWork as a veterinary technician is the kind of job that can be seemingly routine one moment and frantic the next. A day full of checkups and vaccines can be shattered at any moment by an emergency pet in distress.

It can be a distressing situation, and one that can lead you to develop poor office habits that can be troublesome for vet techs and for the entire office. Here are some office do’s and don’ts that can help you keep your office running at peak efficiency.

Don’t waste time. Make sure you’re in a position where you’re giving each pet and owner the appropriate time during their visit. Don’t waste time. During down time, take care of busy work that needs to be done: paperwork, office cleaning, or anything else that has been put off. Don’t let that work stack up or cause problems later on.

Do be flexible. Offices fall into routine. That is good, but don’t become a slave to that routine. Veterinary technicians should be willing to go off in a different direction, change the order of things, or help a coworker out in an area you don’t ordinarily work in when necessary.

Don’t Panic. When an emergency hits, stay calm. The pet’s owner will likely be frantic. The vet tech’s job is to stay relaxed and take charge of the situation until the veterinarian gets involved. Be assuring, and know what to do next.

Do be respectful to pet owners. Remember they are your customers. If you’re rude or patronizing to them, they will sense it, and they won’t hesitate to go somewhere else next time. Whether you’re offering tips for grooming or general health or talking about a serious issue, give them the proper respect and care.

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