We neutered (castrated) 3 male cats and spayed (ovariohysterectomized) one female cat last Thursday. All 3 cats were provided by MADACC. All were domestic shorthairs (DSH). One of the males was approx. 7 years old; the other two were likely about 10 months old. The female was about a year old.

Dr. Cybela performed the surgeries with the assistance of CVTs Tracie, Rachel, and Steve. Several of our VT students (Haley Ahler, Miranda Bartel, Allison Krause, and Briona Rivera) also assisted with surgical prep, and got to come into the OR to observe the spay.

Two of the males were adopted by VT students, one by Haley and one by Allison. The other two returned to MADACC to go into their adoption program.

The neuters were done outside the OR (as is typical for most practices), and the spay was done in the OR. All cats had IV catheters, and were closely monitored by the CVTs with a monitor that reads temperature, pulse, respiration, oxygen concentration of the blood, expired (breathed-out carbon dioxide, and EKG).

The female received iv fluid support during surgery. Each neuter took perhaps 1 minute (my time; total time for drugs and preparation beforehand, and recovery afterwards, was longer), and the spay took about 10-12 min (my time).

The procedure went something like this:

– Cat received an injection of a pain reliever/tranquilizer combination. Once cat was relaxed, iv catheter was placed, and general anesthesia was induced by injection through the catheter of the anesthetic drugs.

– An endotracheal tube was placed down the cat’s windpipe and connected to the gas anesthetic machine. Cat received a pain reliever injection and a nail trim and was connected to the monitor.

– Sterile lubricant was placed in the eyes to protect them since the cats do not blink under anesthesia.

– For males, the scrotum is plucked, then scrubbed with antiseptic. An incision is made over each testis. One testis is extruded, a knot is tied in the spermatic cord, and the testis is cut free. This is repeated on the other side. Incisions are left open. Gas anesthetic is turned off and the cat is recovered. The tube is removed and the cat at is given another pain med.

– For females, the abdomen is clipped and scrubbed with an antiseptic. An incision is made in the abdomen, and the left ovary and uterine horn are found. The ovarian pedicle is tied off with dissolvable suture, and the ovary (attached to the horn) is cut free. This is repeated on the right. The uterine body is tied with suture then cut free. Both ovaries and the uterus are removed. The wall and connective tissue under the skin are sutured with dissolvable sutures, and the skin is closed with surgical glue. The cat is recovered as for the males.

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