The healthcare industry is growing across the country and an example of that growth can be found in the college town of Knoxville, Tenn.

“Growth in the healthcare sector in the Knoxville area, as elsewhere, has been fueled by demographic forces… namely, an aging population,” Dr. Sam Evans, director of KIRES and associate professor of Finance and Economics for King University, told in a September article. “These forces are expected to continue in the future.”

In the Knoxville area, healthcare is responsible for nearly 22 percent of the region’s total employment and the medical career field added more than 10,000 jobs over the past decade.

Knoxville is just an example of the growth of the healthcare industry that can be found across the country. “Employment trends by sector in the Knoxville MSA mirror those exhibited nationwide over the past decade,” the TriCities article said. “The main feature of this trend is a loss of jobs in the goods-producing industries, primarily manufacturing, and a gain in jobs in the services sectors, including healthcare.”

The medical sector can offer jobseekers a long-term career, but many of these jobs require training. That is true for the medical assistant profession, but Milwaukee Career College offers a training program that can help students secure a medical assistant career in a matter of months.

The medical industry is growing across the nation and jobs as a medical assistant can be found in almost every market, making this a career field worth considering for many jobseekers.