Surgical Technicians working in an operating room.

If you’re interested in joining the medical field, a career as a surgical tech could be perfect for you! Surgical technology is a rewarding career choice that is in demand and offers a high earning potential. You might have a couple of questions before you decide to enroll in a surgical technology training program. MCCs got you covered with these frequently asked questions!

What are the responsibilities of a surgical tech?

A typical day for a surgical technician will involve preparing the operating room and equipment for surgery, making sure the instruments, sponges, and needles stay sterile, cutting sutures, and transporting patients to and from surgery. They spend most of their shifts on their feet, thinking critically, and assisting surgeons in the operating room. Surgical techs are crucial to ensuring the safety of the patient and success of an operation.

How do I know if I’d make a good surgical tech?

Are you trustworthy, detail-oriented, and a good listener? Do you keep your cool in stressful situations? Are you interested in a fast-paced career with lots of daily changes? Do you want to make an impact and find fulfillment in your career? If you answered yes, you’d make a great surgical tech! Surgical technology is a great career for a person who is detail-orientated, enjoys being part of a team, and can do well in a fast-paced and serious work environment.

Are surgical technicians in demand?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for surgical technologist is expected to grow by 12%, which is much faster than average. With healthcare innovations rapidly occurring and an aging population, the need for skilled surgical techs is expected to steadily increase over time. Surgical techs are needed all around the country and typically work in a hospital setting. They may also be found in physicians offices, outpatient care centers, and even dental offices.

How much money do surgical technologists make?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics also shares that the median pay of a surgical technician is $46,310 annually. The median pay rate of a surgical tech is higher than the median pay rate of all health technologists at $43,590 and sits comfortably higher than the median of all occupations which is $37,690. Certification from a reputable school and a bit of experience are helpful in finding a job with a competitive salary.

What training is required to become a surgical tech?

Surgical techs have to make every second count in the operating room. That’s why it’s important for them to have the proper hands-on training. Milwaukee Career College offers a surgical technology training program that takes less than two years to complete. The program covers a wide range of courses such as anatomy, biology, and medical terminology. The pros at MCC will teach you how to sterilize an operating room and equipment, prep tools for surgery, and prevent infection during procedures. Students also gain real-world experience through an externship in a real medical setting!

Milwaukee Career College is the place to go for surgical tech training! In addition to hands-on training, our graduates have access to job placement assistance. Our Career Services team works with area employers and helps you land your dream job as a surgical technician! Ready to get started? Contact us to learn more.