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Everything You Need to Know About Becoming a Veterinary Assistant

What do Vet Assistants do?

As a vet assistant, you will be required to complete a variety of tasks. These tasks may include bathing, grooming and feeding animals, cleaning cages or operating rooms, administering medication or emergency first aid, looking after animals after surgery, and many others. Oftentimes, animal hospitals are open 24/7, so you may be required to work night shifts as well as holidays and weekends. Be prepared to have a flexible schedule!

What does Veterinary Assistant Training include? How long is it?

Veterinary Assistant Training Programs with Milwaukee Career College take up to a year to complete, which is significantly shorter than the majority of other college degrees and certificates. Veterinary Assistant Training will teach students about safety, the use of surgical equipment, sterilization, anesthesia, and even pet restraint techniques.

What is the different between a Vet Assistant and a Vet Tech?

The most notable difference between the two professions is Veterinary Technician Training Programs generally take longer to complete, nearly 2 years. However, vet techs also have more responsibilities than vet assistants. For examples, vet technicians have the ability to take x-rays, collect blood and urine samples, perform lab tests, record patient information, and assist veterinarians where they are needed.

Where do Veterinary Assistants work?

In your veterinary career, you have the opportunity to choose from a variety of work locations. Most graduates choose to work in veterinary clinics or hospitals. However, you may also have the ability to work for a college, university or research facility.


Considering starting your new Vet Assistant career? Milwaukee Career College offers hands-on Vet Assistant Training Programs in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. To learn more, head over to our Vet Assistant Training page!