According to the American Dental Association Health Policy Resource Center, the average age of retirement for a dentist increased from 64.3 in 1997 to 68.3 in 2012, which means more dentists are looking to remain in the profession longer.

That could be because there are not enough dental professionals coming out of school ready to take over. There is a shortage of dentists across America, but there is also a shortage of dental assistants.

Here are 5 reasons why now is a great time to consider a new career as a dental assistant:

1) The shortage of dental professionals is also found in the dental assistant field where many employers are struggling to find enough professionally trained dental assistants. The shortage of dental assistants makes this a great time for jobseekers to consider a new career as a dental assistant and to complete a quality dental assistant training program like the one at Milwaukee Career College, where students who complete the program have a variety of options when it comes to what type of dental facility they will work in and what type of dental assistant they will become.

2) The dental industry is growing as more Americans have access to healthcare and that is creating a growing demand for more medical professions, including trained dental assistants. Work as a dental assistant can be a stable career that offers good pay and a chance to advance, especially with additional training. Milwaukee Career College offers a dental assistant training program that can help you launch a new career as a dental assistant.

3) Today’s employers are looking for dental assistants who pay attention to detail and realize the importance of keeping clean instruments. Maintaining clean instruments is an important part of a dental facility and the work of a dental assistant. “Safety for our patients and the entire office team is of paramount concern so instituting a system to regularly inspect equipment and supplies is very important,”said Dr. Jade Miller, chair-elect of the Council on Dental Education and Licensure’s Committee on Anesthesiology.

The ADA said that “some equipment in dental offices is regularly inspected because of a state or federal regulatory mandate,” but other supplies and other dental equipment should also be routinely checked, Miller added.

“Much like a pilot does prior to every flight, we created a system, primarily a checklist to go through twice a year,” Dr. Miller said. Dentists are also encouraged to perform the safety checks in the spring, when daylight saving time begins.

4) Attention to detail and safety are important parts of working as a dental assistant, especially since dental assistants are involved so much in many of the aspects of a dental facility. Watching out for potential problems and ensuring dental instruments are clean and in working order is an important part of the job and the dental assistant training program at Milwaukee Career College ensures that students are training in the procedures today’s dental industry requires.

If you are considering a new career as a dental assistant then professional training could be the right option for you in order to establish the skills today’s dental employers are looking for as they seek to hire more dental assistants.

Employers looking for dental assistants are looking for applicants with a variety of skills, including customer service, responsibility, organization and a knowledge and understanding of the dental practices required while on the job.

There is a growing demand for more dental assistants across the country, especially those with professional training from a respected school. Dental assistants with professional training from a school like Milwaukee Career College are needed across the country, but employers are also looking for applicants who have strong communication skills and enjoy working with patients. This position involves a lot of contact with dental patients and there is often a requirement to be able to explain certain procedures and answer questions.