Milwaukee Career CollegeIn a listing of what they call “The Best Jobs For Young People,” dental assisting came in at number one, according to Forbes.

Forbes weighed the top jobs based on criteria including the percentage of workers age 16-24, median annual earnings, rate of growth (measured in percentage), and annual job openings. Dental assisting topped the field in that area.

Other jobs on the list included medical assisting (3), self-enrichment education teachers (2), and fitness trainer (6).

The list should be viewed as an encouraging sign for young prospective dental assistants looking to break into the dental industry. It is a sign that not only is dentistry a popular occupation, but it is one that, despite the interest, has a relatively large number of jobs available, and pays a salary attractive to young people.

The list is an indication that overall career-based career paths are becoming more popular and attractive to young people, as opposed to the more traditional professional jobs that come to those attending four-year colleges and beyond. The trend of jobs sought from career colleges can be seen as a positive trend for those types of schools, which emphasize career skills and specific jobs rather than a more standardized education that you must tailor your job skills to in order to seek employment.

Dental assisting in particular is a career path that continues to evolve as regulations change in individual states. The job has a somewhat varying list of duties based on state, much like medical assisting, which is also on the list. Dental assistants offer assistance to the dentist with tasks like taking x-rays, preparing patients for cleanings and procedures, and, depending on state-to-state regulations, may participate directly in patient care.

For those looking to get into this ever-growing segment of healthcare should indeed be encouraged by Forbes’ inclusion of dental assisting, and giving it the top slot.

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