Halloween is a fun time to be at Milwaukee Career College! From costume contest to pumpkin carving contests, we sure do know how to have a great time! Our students and staff members came to school in style, showing off their Halloween costumes. Voting for the winner will last until Friday, November 2nd and the winner will be announced on Monday, November 5th. The winner of the Halloween costume contest gets a Target gift card and bragging rights!

Student Winner Announced: Jacklyn Best, Veterinary Assistant student, for her Sims costume! Jacklyn is pictured below in the third row of student costumes, on the right-hand side. Congratulations, Jacklyn! We hope you enjoyed your prize!!

Check out these creative Halloween costumes!

Students dressed up for Halloween.

Pictured Above⏤MCC Student Halloween Costumes

From left to right: Blanket, Dental Floss, Cavity, Scooby Doo, Black Cat, Selected Sim, Spirit of Halloween, Hamster, and Mini Mouse!


MCC staff members dressed up in Halloween costumes.

Pictured Above⏤MCC Staff Halloween Costumes

From left to right: E.T., Marvin the Martian, Cindy Lou Who, Freddy Krueger, Group Photo, Offred from Handmaids Tale, Tooth Fairy, Beanie Baby, and Mini Mouse!

Faculty Winner Announced: Ms. Jennifer Potter, Program Chair of Surgical Technology, for her ET costume! Jennifer is pictured above in the top row of staff costumes, on the left-hand side. Great job, Jennifer!!


We also had a fun pumpkin carving contest earlier this week! Staff members worked together to carve 4 pumpkins for students to vote on. The students voted pumpkin #4 for first place and pumpkin #3 for second place! Pumpkin #4 was a colorful pumpkin with braces carved by Kellie LeGrave (Faculty Coordinator) and Maria Rodriguez (Dental Assistant Program Chair). Pumpkin #3 was a puking pumpkin carved by Jennifer Potter (Surgical Technology Program Chair). We even had a special guest from the Veterinary programs, Coushatta, dressed up like a mummy while we prepared the pumpkins!

People carving pumpkins for a contest.

Pictured Above⏤Pumpkin Carving Contest

MCC staff members preparing their pumpkins (and Coushatta) for the contest!


We are so lucky to have such a fun group of students and staff members at Milwaukee Career College. Thank you to everyone who participated in our Halloween festivities this year! Until next time!