Obamacare is controversial, but its also led to an increase in healthcare related jobs.

“Love it or hate it, the roll out of the Affordable Care Act has created more jobs in the medical world,” writes Donna Fuscaldo in an article for Fox Business.

The medical field is one of the fastest growing employment sectors in the nation and many jobseekers are consider a career in the healthcare industry due to that growing demand.

“There are many, many jobs in health care,” says Janet Elkin, chief executive of staffing firm Supplemental Healthcare. “More people are being insured. Right now, there’s 7 million and counting [enrolled on state and federal health insurance exchanges]. A safe estimate is that at some point there will be 30 million insured.”

Fuscaldo writes that “the aging baby boomer generation is also helping create more job opportunities as their medical demands increase and they start to leave their jobs.”

In her article, Fuscaldo writes that, according to Elkin, the average age of nurses is around 48 and about one-third of current physicians are looking to retire in the next decade.

“Every segment within health care is seeing greater demand for talent,” adds Paul McDonald, senior executive director at Robert Half International. “More people are getting coverage, which means more demand on all the current systems that we have.”

However, it’s not just doctors and nurses that will be in demand. Medical assistants are also a high-demand position where employers are looking for thousands of professionally trained applicants.

“McDonald identifies staff supervisors and managers who are tasked with assisting in the higher volumes of appointments and medical billing as being in high demand, while Elkin says medical scribes are often highly-sought but under the radar,” Fuscaldo writes. “But it doesn’t stop there: McDonald says accountants and finance professionals, technology experts, human resources professionals and attorneys can also find good job opportunities in the health-care industry.”

“Some of the positions are requiring health-care experience, but that’s not always the case,” he says. “With some technology jobs, as long as they have the tech skills they are very transferrable from one company to another.”

If you are looking for a long-term career then the medical assistant field might be a great place to look. Students of a professional medical assistant training program are finding that healthcare employers all across the country are looking for new workers in a variety of medical facilities.

In an article previously quoted on this blog, Derek Thompson of The Atlantic reported on a Brookings Institute graph that showed unprecedented growth in the healthcare industry, which is leading to thousands of job opportunities, including in the medical assistant profession.

“There are a couple stories that branch off from this graph,”wrote Thompson in his post at TheAtlantic.com. “One is the unchecked growth in health care prices over the last few decades, which has made the medical industry the one truly recession-proof job engine of the economy. Two is the concentration of job growth in local service industries shielded from the global supply chain. And three (related) is the sad decline in construction and manufacturing jobs.”

America’s aging population and the growing investment in healthcare has caused the medical field to explode with growth over the past several years. No other industry has seen the type of growth that the medical field has seen and its resulted in some of the most in-demand careers being found in the healthcare industry, which has thousands of jobs of all types available for those with the right training and experience. One of those healthcare jobs that is in demand is a medical assistant who works in the administrative sector of the medical field, which includes charting medical records, scheduling appointments and working with health insurance claims and forms.

One of the best places to launch a medical assistant career is at Milwaukee Career College, which is a national leader in providing the type of training today’s healthcare employers are looking for. Now is the perfect tie to enter this growing career field as employers across the country are looking for professionally trained medical assistants.