The healthcare industry is made up of many moving parts that work together to provide care for the country’s sick.

Nurses and doctors provide the hands-on medical care, emergency transportation workers ensure that those needing immediate assistance are taken care of and able to get to the proper healthcare official quickly and insurance companies provide the money to support the system.

But an often overlooked, yet critically important part of the whole system is those that provide a combination of administrative and clinical support, such as medical assistants.

Another way to look at it would be as if the healthcare industry is a human body. The doctors are the head with the nurses acting as the arms. Insurance companies are the lungs and transportation officials are the legs. Each part is important and the medical assistant works like the blood in the body, making sure each limb and organ has what it needs to do its job and assist the other one.

The importance of medical assistants makes this one of the fastest growing career fields today but it’s not an industry that a jobseeker can just jump into. Today’s medical assistants need proper training and experience that medical employers are looking for. The job is too important to just accept any applicant.

Those looking to enter this growing field should consider an education program like Milwaukee Career College that trains students in medical tests, treatments, procedures and insurance company rules and requirements, which are constantly changing.