Employment data in the United States continues to show that the nation is struggling to create jobs and employ the increasing amount of Americans that are looking for work. But lost in the negative employment news is a figure that shows not every sector of the economy is struggling to hire.


While overall employment is slowly growing, the healthcare industry is exploding with job growth. That kind of job growth makes the health care field one of the best options for those looking to find stable employment and a fulfilling career. But you don’t have to go through medical school or become a doctor to benefit from the strong health care field.


Medical assistants are one of the fastest growing segments of the growing health care field because they provide much needed support to doctors, nurses and health care administrators that are struggling to keep up with growing demand. Even with the addition of nearly 75,000 jobs in the health care industry over the past two months there is still a greater demand for more health care workers.


Milwaukee Career College trains medical assistants that can help meet that demand by entering the workforce with the kind of skills health care professionals are looking for.


As the health care industry continues to grow, the demand for medical assistants is also growing, but those entering this emerging career field will find that the profession offers a wide variety of work environments and duties. From big hospitals to small doctor offices, administrative duties to providing clinical services, the medical assistant profession is one of the most diverse career fields available.


Milwaukee Career College specializes in providing the type of well-rounded training that equips students to find the medical assistant job that works best for them and to meet the growing need the health care industry has for medical assistants.


Medical assistants looking for a more traditional role in the health care industry can find work in hospitals in a range of specific areas, including emergency care, impatient (overnight) care and specialized treatment. Medical assistants can also find good opportunities in a nursing or residential care facility that provides care to senior citizens, rehabilitation patients and other specialized services not always found in a traditional hospital setting.


Medical assistants can also find work in physician offices. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, nearly 36 percent of all health care establishments are found in physician offices. And because more and more physicians are joining group medical practices the opportunity to advance as a medical assistant is greater than ever.

Other office settings include a dentist office. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that 20 percent of health care establishments are dentist’s offices and there is a growing need for medical assistants that can work in a dentist office.


Then there are home health care services that provide medical assistants with a more unique, yet demanding, work setting. These types of assignments also allow medical assistants to have more one-on-one care with patients.


In addition to a variety of environments to work in, medical assistants can find a variety of functions to perform. Some are responsible for administrative duties, organization of medical records, filing insurance claims and scheduling medical and lab services. Other medical assistants may perform duties that involve recording vital signs, preparing blood samples, organizing prescription drug refills and other clinical duties.


The diversity in work setting and task means today’s medical assistants must be well-trained in a variety of areas. The demand for medical assistants means this can be a great option for those looking to change careers but the type of work also means hospitals, doctors and other health care offices will hire the best trained medical assistants they can find.


At Milwaukee Career College providing a holistic and well-rounded medical assistant training program is a priority so that students graduate with the type of training that helps them find the right fit in this diverse industry.