The economy is growing, but the rate of growth has not returned the economy to pre-recession levels. While employment is rising, many Americans are still struggling to find long-term work, but there is one industry that can offer a stable career, especially for those with professional training from a school like Milwaukee Career College.


“The number of Americans seeking unemployment benefits dropped 10,000 [in the final week of November] to a seasonally adjusted 316,000, a sign that workers are in less danger of being laid off,” USA Today reported. “The Labor Department says the less volatile four-week average fell 7,500 to 331,750. Both the weekly jobless claims and the average have returned to pre-recession levels.”


America’s economy is showing signs of recovery, but that process remains slow and finding a long-term career can still pose a challenge to jobseekers. But economists are optimistic that employment levels will continue to rise, especially in a few specific industries where growth has been constant over the past few years.


As layoffs have dwindled, hiring has picked up,” USA Today reported. “Employers added 204,000 jobs last month, indicating that companies were undeterred by the 16-day government shutdown. Private businesses added 212,000 new positions, the most since February. The economy has added an average of 202,000 jobs a month from August through October, up from 146,000 in May through July.”


For jobseekers, the best place to look for a long-term career is in one of the few industries that is growing and has the largest gains of hiring in recent months. That industry is the medical field where the demand for workers of all types continues to rise.


Working in the healthcare industry can offer jobseekers a chance to find a long-term and stable career during a time when unemployment remains relatively high. There are a variety of positions available in the healthcare field, but most require some form of professional training. That includes the medical assistant field, where a few months of training from a school like Milwaukee Career College can prepare a jobseeker for a long-term medical career.


Training to become a medical assistant will prepare you for a career in one of the fastest growing job markets in the nation.


“Healthcare is the largest, fastest growing, and most complex industry in the world,” reported Triple Tree, an American research firm. “The U.S. healthcare system accounts for more than $2.5 trillion in annual expenditures, which is nearly 20 percent of our nation’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP).”


Because of the large impact the healthcare industry plays in the nation, the demand for professionally trained workers with a variety of skillsets is increasing. There is a need for doctors and nurses, but there is also a need for medical assistants to serve in an assisting role in a variety of medical facilities.


The demand for medical assistants is high and only expected to grow higher.

“According to economists in the Office of the Actuary at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), spending is projected to grow at an annual average rate of 5.8 percent through 2020, which is 1.1 percent higher than our nation’s projected GDP growth,” Triple Tree added. “By 2020, healthcare spending is projected to exceed $4.5 trillion.”


Milwaukee Career College offers a medical assistant training program that prepares students for certification and offers real-world experience to meet the growing demand that the healthcare industry has for office assistants and clinical assistants that understand the specific requirements of working in a hospital, doctor’s’ office, dentist office or a variety of other medical facilities. If you are looking for a career in an industry that offers good pay, a variety of work setting options, the chance for advancement and stability, then the medical assistant profession might be the perfect fit for you. If you are considering a career as a medical assistant then Milwaukee Career College is the best place to start your new profession and gain the experience and skills today’s healthcare employers are looking for.