Home based medical care is becoming a more common aspect of the medical industry and this is having an impact on the demand for professionally trained medical assistants.

“Federally qualified health centers such as the Hamilton Health Center in Harrisburg, PA are increasingly adopting the patient-centered medical home (PCMH) model,” reported PR Newswire. “In a medical home, patients work closely with a chosen physician, a Medical Assistant, and a Care Team to manage and improve their health. A successful implementation requires skills-based education for all members of the Care Team, especially the Medical Assistants.”

PR Newswire also reported that the Geneia Institute recently partnered with the Hamilton Health Center and provided comprehensive education and training to all of the Center’s administrative and clinical staff.

“At the Hamilton Health Center, we have embraced the patient-centered medical home because we believe that the model, if implemented effectively, will help us to better serve our patients,” said Jeannine Peterson, CEO of Hamilton Health Center. “The Geneia Institute’s work to prepare and train our staff ensure that we are well-positioned to succeed.”

Home-based medical care is growing in popularity and it is providing more opportunities for medical assistants.

The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that medical assistants are projected to be one of the fastest-growing occupations in the country over the next decade and workers in this profession will be in high demand by a variety of health care facilities. Medical assistants are in demand at medical offices, hospitals, ambulatory care clinics, outpatient laboratories, freestanding surgical centers, and occupational medicine clinics. There are a variety of environments a medical assistant can work in, which makes this an attractive profession for many. Add in the fact that medical assistants have a higher than average starting salary and a great chance for advancement, and this is a career that is very attractive to jobseekers of all kinds.

Medical assistants serve as a face for the health care industry as they are often the first person patients see when they arrive at the doctors’ office or other medical facility. However, medical assistants are not a greeter or secretary, they are a health care professional that serves a hybrid role in working with patients in an administrative role and then assisting in clinical procedures. Medical assistants kind of serve as a patient’s guide through the clinical experience and need to be trained to perform tasks at all of the stops.

“The job is a mix of traditional office work—like manning the front desk, answering phones, and filing insurance forms—as well as hands-on tasks including checking vital signs, drawing blood, sterilizing surgical equipment, and making sure medical histories are accurately recorded,” reports UN News and Money Report. “More-specialized roles for medical assistants include working in the eye-care field assisting ophthalmologists or optometrists, conducting basic vision tests, or helping patients learn to insert, remove, and care for contact lenses.”
The diversity in job tasks mandate that today’s medical assistants have the training necessary to perform both administrative and clinical duties. Those with holistic training are those applicants that employers are most interested in hiring.
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