FloridaToday.com recently took a look at the hottest jobs on the east coast of Florida and careers in the medical industry made the list.

“The aging population is a factor and so is the economy,” said Denise Beaseley, communications director for Workforce Brevard, the area authority on employment. “Baby boomers are requesting preventative health care services and services they can receive in the comfort of their home. These services often provide an economical alternative to in-patient health care services.”

Medical assistants often work in a healthcare facility, but they can also find work with home-based care services by providing support to medical professionals that make home visits.

“I’ve almost doubled since last October here so we’re doing very well as a company,” said David Flakus, general manager of Nurse on Call. “There are some challenges to be successful, but you have to be able to adapt. I think we have over 80 companies that do what we do in Brevard County.”

Florida’s east coast is just one example of the growth in the medical industry, particularly among those that make home visits. The demand for professionally trained medical assistants can be seen across the country, which is why so many jobseekers are turning to Milwaukee Career College in an effort to launch a long-term career in the medical industry.

Companies that make home visits are just one example of where professionally trained medical assistants can find work. Milwaukee Career College’s medical assistant training program prepares students for certification and offers real-world experiences to meet the growing demand that the healthcare industry has for this profession.