Interview Prep with Milwaukee Career College

Follow These 3 Steps to Ace Your Next Interview

You have put in the hard-work to earn your diploma with Milwaukee Career College. Now, it’s time to show potential employers that you’re the suitable candidate for the job. We’ve prepared a list of what to do before, during and after your next big interview. Follow these steps to own the interview process.


Step 1: Pre-Interview Preparation


It is vital to research the company, position and people you will be interviewing with. The more you know, the more comfortable you will be. It is important to demonstrate your knowledge of the company. When researching your interviewer, it is important to get a feel for their personality to understand how to approach questions. A thorough understanding of the organization will help build up your self-confidence.

Create A Portfolio

A portfolio consists of your resume, cover letter, possible applications, training and certifications you’ve received at Milwaukee Career College and a list of references. (Vocational school instructors make great references!) Always have multiple copies on hand to give your interviewers. It is also smart to keep pen and paper in your portfolio to take notes during the interview.

Prepare Questions

Know the answers to basic questions that employers will be sure to ask you such as your strengths and weaknesses or a list of skills you’ve learned throughout the course of your vocational school training. Interviews can be nerve-racking, so having an idea of how to answer potential questions is extremely helpful. In addition, come up with a few appropriate questions to ask the employer. This shows that you are interested and eager to learn more about the company or position.


Step 2: The Big Interview Day

What to Wear

It is often said, “If you look good, you feel good.” This stands true for the interview process. For most interviews, you should dress in formalwear or business casual. For men, wear either a suit

or a dress shirt and slacks. For women, blazers are definitely the way to go. Try pairing your blazer with a blouse, dress pants or a long skirt and close-toed shoes.

When to Arrive

It is important to arrive early for the interview. Typically, an ideal time to arrive is around 10-15 minutes before to the interview. Before going into the business, turn off your cellphone. When introducing yourself to the receptionist, be polite then wait patiently for the interviewer. While you wait, run through the questions you have prepared. You can never have too much practice!

Professional Presentation

When you meet the interviewer, it is important to address he/she by name with a firm handshake. During the interview, it is important to remain professional. Remember to have good posture, not to use slang words and to keep eye contact. Most importantly, be yourself!


Step 3: Post-Interview Follow Up

Write a Thank You Email

Thank you notes have been proven to positively affect the interview process. 24 hours after the interview, craft an appropriate, personalized response to your interviewer thanking them for meeting with you. In the letter/email, explain briefly why you are the best candidate for the position.

Follow Up

Before leaving the interview, ask for the interviewer’s business card for follow up purposes. Oftentimes, interviewers will tell you when they will notify you, but sometimes following up is your responsibility. You can reach out to the interviewer or your Milwaukee Career College Career Services Representative 3-5 days following the interview.


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Job placement assistance is offered to Milwaukee Career College graduates. Check out MCC’s Career Services department!

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