Do you have a pet at home? Chances are you do as more than 73 million households in America have at least one pet. We have pets for different reasons. Mainly it companionship, but pets also help to relieve stress and to provide a sense of joy for our family.

Because pets provide such an important role in the household, most of us would do whatever we had to in order to ensure they remain safe and healthy. That commitment to care for our pets is leading to a boom in the veterinary industry as more clinics and hospitals that tailor to animals are popping up all over the country. That growth has also led to an increased demand for veterinary professionals, including veterinary assistants.

Today’s veterinary assistants must be capable of showing compassion and able to communicate clearly with pet owners who may be distressed when they bring in their animal for medical care. However, veterinary assistants also provide hands-on clinical care for animals and must have quality training to perform the job.

If you enjoy working with animals and have the compassion to care for pets and their families, then becoming a professionally trained veterinary assistant could be the perfect job for you.

The veterinary assistant training program at Milwaukee Career College is one the nation’s finest and teaches students how to care for animals after surgery, collect samples for testing, give medication or immunizations prescribed by the veterinarian, care for animals and feed and bath animals.