The dental industry is growing across the country as more Americans are seeking better oral healthcare.


More kids are being brought to the dentist. In a survey conducted by the Partnership for Healthy Mouths, Healthy Lives, 64 percent of parents in 2013 reported they are having their child brush his or her teeth for at least two minutes. That s a four percent increase from the same survey conducted the previous year, indicating a growing value placed on healthy teeth. As many as 55 percent of parents said they have their child brush his or her teeth at least twice a day, which is also an increase from 2012 when 48 percent of parents said two times a day was the standard in their home.


National studies have consistently shown that oral healthcare has been at lower than desired levels across the country, but the survey indicates a change. Part of that change means there is a growing demand for more dental care, which is why many dental offices and clinics are looking for more dental assistants, especially those with professional training.


Health laws offer more dental care to millions. The Affordable Care Act is helping more people gain access dental care. Dental officials continue to debate whether the Affordable Care Act will be good for the dental industry as far as the business is concerned, but most agree that more Americans will gain access to the dental care, which will drive up demand for dental professionals, including dental assistants.


That growth has caused many jobseekers who are interested in a career in the medical industry to consider a career as a dental assistant.


Dental assistants play an important role in a dental office or clinic by performing some procedures and helping patients get checked in to the office. However, one of the most important jobs of a dental assistant is helping patients feel more comfortable while at the dental office, helping to lower anxiety that a patient might be feeling.


If you have always been interested in a healthcare career but are not in a position to complete a lengthy and expensive degree program, then consider the dental assistant training program at Milwaukee Career College, especially is you are someone who works well with others and can help patients feel comfortable during their visit to the dentist.


There is a shortage of trained dental assistants. There is currently a shortage of dental professionals across the country, and that includes dental assistants, especially those with professional training from a respected school like Milwaukee Career College.


Employers are trying to meet the growing demand for dental assistants, but the best healthcare facilities are looking for dental assistants who have professional training in the relevant skills today’s medical industry demand from its medical assistants. This profession can be challenging, but professional training is the best way to establish yourself for a long-term career in the growing dental industry.


One of the reasons for the shortage is the growing number of older dental professionals. As reported last month on this site, the American Dental Association Health Policy Resource Center reports that the average age of retirement for a dental professionals increased from 64.3 in 1997 to 68.3 in 2012 as more and more dentists are staying in the profession longer, which is partly caused by the overall economy that is keeping more Americans staying at their jobs, but it is also a sign that dentists are having a harder time finding professionals to take over their practice.