Working as a medical assistant can be an enjoyable career, but it has its share of challenges.


“If you search for images of medical assistants online, you’ll find photo after photo of smiling men and women in crisp white lab coats holding stethoscopes to children’s chests or taking patients’ blood pressure,” reports US News. “This paints the picture of a calm job. It looks simple and routine. But an element of unpredictability belies this perception of medical assistants and the important job they do caring for the sick and injured.”

The same US News article reports that working as a medical assistant can mean doing different tasks and addressing different injuries or sicknesses.


“Weather is partly to blame for the fluctuations and inconsistency in the job: During warmer months, more patients come in with sports- or outdoor-related injuries, while the colder months unleash a flood of flu cases on hospitals and clinics.


Kwenda Johnson, a medical assistant at Arboretum Urgent Care in Charlotte, N.C. said that on a daily basis, medical assistants must be prepared for wild patient-to-patient swings.


“You have to change pages quickly from someone who has a cold to someone with a laceration to someone who has burned himself,” Johnson says.


With additional training, some medical assistants work under the supervision of doctors, physician assistants interpret X-rays and blood tests, record patient progress, conduct routine physical exams and treat a range of ailments. “The extent doctors must supervise them varies by state and medicine specialty, and often takes the form of reviewing medical records or checking in with a patient after the physician assistant has finished caring for him or her,” US News reports.

“You have to humble yourself because sometimes the doctor disagrees with you. That part is OK because the patient wins,” Johnson says. “I don’t feel like my patients are losing out in any form by seeing me rather than the doctor.”


A standard medical assistant with training from Milwaukee Career College can expect to assist with some clinical duties, along with working in various administrative tasks.


The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts an astounding 38.4 percent employment growth in this profession between 2012 and 2022. “To frame this rapid increase another way, the BLS expects an industry currently boasting 86,700 medical assistants to add 33,300 new positions by decade’s end,” US News said. “A trio of factors spurring this growth include heightened demand for health care services from the country’s swelling aging population, increased prevalence of chronic diseases and a physician shortage that has become more serious in recent years. Couple the growth projection with a razor-thin 1.2 percent unemployment rate – one of the lowest on our Best Jobs of 2014 list – and the job outlook for medical assistants is quite strong.”


There are many positions across the country for medical assistants who can work in both clinical and administrative settings. The variety of job opportunities is one reason why so many job seekers are considering a new career as a medical assistant. Good pay, flexibility and job stability are all reasons to consider a career as a professional medical assistant.


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