A U.S. News article on the medical assistant profession characterized it as a profession with diverse skills required, and one that should continue to see growth, even in a weak economy.

“The job is a mix of traditional office work – like manning the front desk, answering phones, and filing insurance forms – as well as hands-on tasks including checking vital signs, drawing blood, sterilizing surgical equipment, and making sure medical histories are accurately recorded,” the article said. “The profession continues to grow handily despite a weak economy, and assistants who support doctors and nurses as they diagnose and treat patients are definitely in demand.”

Medical assistants are some of the most in demand professionals today in the healthcare industry, and the healthcare industry is America’s fastest growing job sector, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

One of the great things about becoming a professionally trained medical assistant is that it can open the door to become a more specialized professional, with additional training.

“More-specialized roles for medical assistants include working in the eye-care field assisting ophthalmologists or optometrists, conducting basic vision tests, or helping patients learn to insert, remove, and care for contact lenses,” U.S. News reported.

The medical assistant career is growing and healthcare employers are looking for applicants who have holistic training in the diverse tasks associated with this profession. Now is the perfect time to consider a new career as a medical assistant, especially if you are looking for a job in a growing industry that offers good pay and job stability.