The healthcare industry has long been considered one of the best industries to work in as it shows some of the nation’s largest job growth and best salaries. If you have considered working in the healthcare industry then becoming a medical assistant might be the fit for you as it is considered one of the best professions in the medical sector.

A US News story that recently ranked the top healthcare professions listed medical assistants as No. 3 on its list.

“Today’s medical assistants are more than sideline players,” the May 2012 article said. “They actively assess patients’ weights and prep them for examinations prior to their consultations with a nurse or doctor. Their profession will grow 30.9 percent in the next decade. Certifications are helpful, but not required.”

Medical assistants are a profession that requires its workers to be flexible by providing roles in both clinical and administrative environments. The dual nature of medical assistants is one reason why this profession is growing and expected to continue to be in demand for next several years.

While certification may not always be necessary to enter this career field, receiving professional training is one of the best ways to secure a job as a medical assistant. Milwaukee Career College’s medical assistant training program is one of the most respected in the country and students of the program are finding that they receive the type of training and skills that today’s best medical employers are looking for in a medical assistant.