You never know what you might experience on a typical day as a medical assistant.

Many of the procedures that medical assistants assist doctors and nurses with are routine, the fast-paced environment of a doctor’s office or hospital can be challenging and exciting. If you are looking for a career in a growing industry that offers daily challenges, then the medical assistant profession is the right place for you.

The daily job tasks for a medical assistant vary depending on the day and clinical environment, but medical assistants may work to process lab work for patient examinations, including gathering blood samples or bacteria cultures. Medical assistants also work to manage medical records and file paperwork for nurses and medical receptionists. Medical assistants also work to assist doctors with preparing a patient examination or treatment session. While medical assistants are not typically involved in providing direct medical care, they do perform a variety of clinical tasks that requires some medical training.

Employers are looking for applicants who not only have professional training, but those that have the ability to communicate, stay upbeat and can handle a variety of challenges. The training at Milwaukee Career College gives students the experience of performing a variety of clinical procedures in a fast-paced environment, simulating what an average workday might be like.

Milwaukee Career College is helping to create a new generation of medical assistants that have the kind of experience today’s medical field demands. The training program provides hands-on training in clinical procedures and medical administration, both of which have been impacted by changing healthcare requirements.