Becoming a professionally trained medical assistant is the best way to take advantage of the growing healthcare sector while not having to spend several years and thousands of dollars to become a medically trained doctor or nurse.

The healthcare industry is exploding with growth and in a time of high unemployment, careers in this field are actually growing. Healthcare facilities of all types – doctor’s offices, clinics and hospitals – are growing and the demand for professionals in every career field is also on the rise. Many jobseekers are considering a healthcare-related career but are turned off by the amount of time and money it takes to become a medically-trained professional. That’s why becoming a medical office professional might be a perfect option.

There is a demand for workers in administration and office positions in healthcare facilities and training at Milwaukee Career College can help you enter this emerging industry. The medical assistant training program offers a medical concentration for administrative type settings and now is the perfect time to enter this growing industry.

The U.S. Department of Labor estimates that over 3.5 million healthcare jobs will be created by 2014 and nearly half of the 20 fastest growing professions over the next decade are predicted to be in the healthcare industry. Many of those positions are in medical administration where professionally trained workers are needed to perform a variety of tasks, including record keeping and insurance billing. It is vital for healthcare employers to have medical office professionals that understand how to use common desktop publishing systems, understand how to read medical terminology and have a high value on organization and communications.