Administrative processes in the medical field are changing and that means medical assistants need to change, also.

Changes highlighted by a Health Media Leader report included the growing role insurance companies are playing in Medicaid programs.

“More states have been expanding public insurance options through managed Medicaid programs, which put health insurers in charge of offering Medicaid coverage,” the report said. “This added focus will mean the insurers that are already dealing with that needy population will have an advantage over those that have stayed out of needy populations as states relax Medicaid salary restrictions.”

The growth of both health insurance and programs like Medicaid will increase the need for medical assistants who can handle the growing amount of administrative work that will take place. The healthcare industry is already one that has a large administrative component, but that will only increase and medical office professionals with quality training will continue to be needed.

“Hospital leaders should recognize that patients are becoming increasingly educated in the use of online tools that allow them to compare not only the price of certain elective surgeries, but other quality measures, such as the number of C-section deliveries or the mortality rate for heart bypass operations,” Health Media Leader reported. “In addition to the need to develop or refine a system wide plan for presenting such information, there are opportunities to utilize such data market development.”

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