A recent Wall Street Journal article reported the healthcare sector to be one of the places to find a job, but it also said training and education in relevant skills will be important for jobseekers hoping to land a new career in the medical field.

“As the U.S. population ages, there will be lots of new jobs [in the healthcare sector],” reports the Wall Street Journal. “The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that health care and social assistance will gain 5.6 million jobs during 2010-20, the most of any sector. That means jobs like registered nurses, physician assistants, radiology techs and home health aides.”

Careers as a medical assistant will also grow as these types of workers serve a vital role in both clinical and administrative duties.

In the same Wall Street Journal article, jobseekers were advised to make sure they gain skills and education in a field that is actually hiring and that their training is desired by employers.

“Before you invest in any sort of education…you must try to talk to potential employers about how they will view this degree,” said David DeLong, a workforce consultant. “The worst thing in the world is in getting career-oriented education and coming out with a degree that an employer doesn’t care about.”

Milwaukee Career College offers a medical assistant training program that offers students relevant training that today’s healthcare employers are looking for in new applicants. Medical assistants are needed across the country, but many employers are looking for applicants who have training from a school that offers foundation skills and hands-on experience.