The American Medical Association recently announced its $10 million “Accelerating Change in Medical Education” initiative in an effort to find new proposals for innovative ways to enhance medical care in the United States.

Proposals were submitted from all categories and included highly ranked research-intensive schools, state-supported and community-based schools and a number of the new medical schools.

“The AMA is encouraged by this tremendous response,” said AMA CEO/EVP James L. Madara. “It’s a clear sign that medical schools are eager and ready to implement the transformative changes needed to respond to the evolving medical environment and the future needs of patients.”

The proposed projects will be evaluated using established criteria, AMA said in a press release, including the innovative nature and potential impact of the proposal, the strength of the design and the likelihood that other schools could implement the new innovations.

As the medical industry continues to look for ways to adapt and change, those entering this field also need to be able to change and have the most current training. That goes for medical assistants who are in high demand.

Students in the Milwaukee Career College’s medical assistant program receive the type of training today’s healthcare facilities demand. There is a specific skill set that medical assistants need to have and Milwaukee Career College is meeting that need through its highly respected training program. Students learn the daily tasks that medical assistants are required to know, including how to handle medical records, understanding of how to quickly transition to new requirements posed by changing healthcare laws, and being able to perform a variety of clinical tasks.