Unemployment remains high as many jobseekers struggle to find work. But, in the medical industry, it’s the employers who are struggling.

The healthcare industry is bucking the national trend with a demand for millions of workers. However, not all of the open positions require a person to go to medical school to take advantage of a career in the healthcare industry, as most healthcare employers are looking for medical assistants in a variety of medical facilities.

Federal and state healthcare regulations will also increase the amount of healthcare services needed. The federal government’s sweeping healthcare reform act last year has increased healthcare services for millions of Americans, and even if parts of the bill do not remain if leadership in government shifts, the pressure to provide more healthcare services will remain. Many states are also looking for ways to create their own healthcare regulations that will also increase the number of people seeking medical care.

Minorities are often the least likely to receive needed healthcare, but that is also changing. As the standard of living improves for many minority groups and federal regulations increase access to care for minority populations, this will also put an increased demand on the healthcare industry, leading to an even higher demand for professionally trained medical assistants form Milwaukee Career College.

Now is the perfect time to consider a new career as a medical assistant. Milwaukee Career College is providing the kind of training that today’s employers are looking for as they seek to meet the growing demand for medical personnel in this growing industry.