The demand for medical care across the country is growing, but it has led to a shortage of qualified medical professionals, including medical assistants.

The problem of a lack of medical care can be felt in every state and every environment. In a recent article, Oklahoma was listed as just one of many states that is experience a shortage of medical professionals, especially in rural areas.

“Oklahoma has 76 doctors per 100,000 residents, far fewer than the 220 doctors per capita nationally, according to the Association of American Medical Colleges. The state ranks 43rd in doctors per capita and 41st in primary-care physicians,” reports the website Oklahoma Watch. “Seventy-two of the state’s 77 counties, or 94 percent, are designated by the federal government as shortage areas for primary health professionals.”

Doctors and nurses are in needed in places like Oklahoma, but so are medical assistants who provide support in both clinical and administrative areas. There is a need for more professionally trained medical assistants, especially as the demand for medical care continues to grow.

Medical assistants, which provide valuable support to both clinical and administration staff in a healthcare facility, are in high demand all across the country, especially as the number of patients being treated by the healthcare industry is growing every year. The growing need for medical assistants has led to a shortage and that means there are a lot of opportunities for those with professional training from a school like Milwaukee Career College. Applicants with t relevant training in the clinical and administrative duties performed by medical assistants are finding a world of opportunities in the fast growing healthcare field.