The mobile health – or mHealth – sector is growing and this part of the healthcare industry will need medical assistants.

As more data and records are accepted via a mobile platform, many medical assistants who work on the administrative side of the healthcare industry will be needed to process that info and submit it to the right parties.

A report called “The Mobile Healthcare (mHealth) Bible: 2014 – 2020” outlined the expect growth in this industry, which was predicted at 60 percent over the next decade. The report presented the following findings:

● The widespread availability of high speed connectivity has opened up considerable opportunities for advanced mHealth applications such as remote video consultation

● Besides video applications, mobile network operators are also eyeing on other latency & bandwidth sensitive mHealth applications to capitalize on their recent LTE
infrastructure upgrades. For example London’s Air Ambulance uses EE’s LTE network for navigational support

● mHealth offers a multitude to opportunities to the pharmaceutical industry ranging from R&D activities to securing the supply chain and, in the battle against counterfeit drugs

● mHealth has the potential to dramatically reduce the costs of healthcare operations, while improving the quality of healthcare. SNS Research estimates that by the end of 2014, mHealth could represent up to $250 Billion in annual healthcare cost savings worldwide

The growth of mHealth is creating even more opportunities for medical assistants who have professional training from a school like MCC as the demand for applicants with relevant training continues to grow.