Pets have always been a part of American culture, but the number of Americans who have pets is on the rise. One reason for this trend is because more young people are staying single longer, and pets are sometimes a great way for a single person to still have companionship at home.

The average age that a person gets married is rising as it is now in the late 20’s – compared to the early 20’s just 10 to 15 years ago. There are many contributors to the fact that more Americans are staying single longer, but it is also contributing to a rise in the number of pets in this country.

That rise means there is a growing need for pet services such as veterinarian care. Veterinarian clinics are popping up everywhere and workers for these types of facilities are in high demand. That incudes veterinary assistants who provide care for both a pet and comfort for the pet’s human family member.

Veterinary assistants must understand how to perform a variety of animal clinical tasks, which means they need to have quality training. At Milwaukee Career College’s veterinary assistant training program, students are being prepared to meet the growing demand for veterinary assistants currently being felt across the country.

Not only is this a good career path for someone who enjoys working with animals, but it is also a growing career field that offers a future of stability and often times good pay. The demand for veterinary assistants is on the rise, but employers are looking for the best applicants who they know have trained at one of the nation’s top veterinary assistant schools.