Pet ownership in America is soaring as more than 70 million households include at least one pet.

The growth of pet ownership means there is a growing demand for pet healthcare and that is leading to a growing demand for veterinary technicians, especially those with professional training in today’s techniques and procedures.

Today’s veterinary technicians must be capable of showing compassion and able to communicate clearly with pet owners who may be distressed when they bring in their animal for medical care. However, veterinary technicians also provide hands-on clinical care for animals and must have quality training to perform the job. Veterinary technicians perform a variety of tasks, including monitoring animals after surgery, providing first aid to injured animals and giving medication or immunizations prescribed by the veterinarian. Veterinary technicians also work closely with pet owners by answering their questions and helping them understand the best way to care for their pet once it is returned home.

If you enjoy working with animals and have the compassion to care for pets and their families, then becoming a professionally trained veterinary technician could be the perfect job for you, especially as the demand for professionally trained veterinary technicians is only going to get bigger.

The veterinary technician training program at Milwaukee Career College is one the nation’s finest and teaches students how to care for animals after surgery, collect samples for testing, give medication or immunizations prescribed by the veterinarian, care for animals and feed and bath animals.