Unnecessary dental treatments will be harder to perform in Texas starting next year as a new state law will make changes to what dental procedures are determined essential.

Dentistrytoday.com reported last month that the Texas law “was set in motion based on numerous reports of transgressions that came to a head after an investigation by the Center for Public Integrity and PBS Frontline.” Those Frontline reports showed that a dental chain focusing on Medicaid dental treatment for children was performing unnecessary procedures. “Former employees of the [dental] chain came out and said that they were instructed to perform the more costly procedures whenever possible,” DentistryToday.com reported. “There were instances of putting more expensive stainless steel crowns in the teeth of babies instead of fillings, which would have easily sufficed.”
The new law will require dentists working with children in a particular chain to report to a dental board.

The change shows that governments are tightening their requirements on dental professionals and that is one reason why dental employers are looking for applicants with quality training, along with honesty and integrity.

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