New dental research is changing the way oral healthcare is offered and today’s dental facilities are looking for professionally trained dental assistants who will be able to adapt and grow with the results of that new research.

A partnership between the American Dental Association and Colgate-Palmolive Company is creating more dental research that will impact the industry or years to come.

“This is a milestone for the [American Dental Association] Foundation and its research program,” said Dr. David Whiston, president of the ADA Foundation. “Colgate and the ADA recognize the important history of this research facility and the role it will play in future groundbreaking research. They are making it possible for us to meet the ever-changing challenges of oral health care research. In addition, it signals our strong commitment to identifying and encouraging the most promising young researchers in the field.”

Research is an important part of the dental industry and new studies and findings are changing the way oral care is offered. Today’s employers are looking for dental assistants who have relevant training and experience, like those students at Milwaukee Career College. A dental assistant performs different clinical functions and teeth cleaning procedures, but they also relay important information to the patient. Today’s dental assistants must understand the ins and outs of proper oral health in order to relay that information to patients. If you are someone who has strong communication skills and also has a passion for helping others, then becoming a dental assistant could be the right career choice for you and Milwaukee Career College can help you launch that new career.