There has never been a better time to become a professionally trained medical assistant.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that the medical assistant field will grow by as much as 34 percent over the next decade with nearly 200,000 positions needing to be filled as the healthcare industry continues to grow. The prospect of a good paying and stable career in this growing field have made it an attractive destination for job seekers, but the Bureau of Labor Statistics also cautions those looking to enter this field to obtain professional training, as those that do are in a better position to secure employment as a medical assistant and are much more likely to last in this field, which can be challenging, especially to those that lack proper training.

While it is often preferred that medical assistants have professional training, the job can be secured with no college experience, making this a great career field for those without a college degree but wanting to enter a professional work environment that offers good pay and a long-lasting career. The BLS predicts that the average salary in this field will continue to rise.

The healthcare industry is in great need for medical assistants, but employers are carefully selecting applicants that have the best professional training and show signs of being long-term employees.

Milwaukee Career College is helping to create a new generation of medical assistants that have the kind of experience today’s medical field demands. The training program provides hands-on training in clinical procedures and medical administration, both of which have been impacted by changing healthcare requirements.