Milwaukee Career College is a great place to study for those who want to become a veterinary assistant. But the American Veterinary Medical Association has a game for those who are still considering if this is the right career for them.

“’AVMA Animal Hospital’ is available for free through Apple’s AppStore, Google Play, and AVMA’s website,” the AVMA recently announced. “The game takes place at a virtual veterinary clinic, where clients bring their pets in for treatment. Players must race the clock as they learn about each animal’s condition, diagnose its ailments, and provide treatment. By successfully diagnosing and treating each animal, players will earn points and level up from new veterinarian to chief veterinarian of the hospital.”

The game can be enjoyed by aspiring veterinary assistants, or just people who love animals.

“We wanted to make a fun game that players would come back to again and again, but more importantly, we wanted there to be a strong educational component to it as well,” said AVMA CEO Dr. Ron DeHaven. “Games are a great way to learn, and we hope AVMA Animal Hospital helps educate and inspire the next generation of veterinarians.”

Veterinary assistants perform a variety of tasks, including monitoring animals after surgery, providing first aid to injured animals and giving medication or immunizations prescribed by the veterinarian. This career offers you a chance to work closely with animals and is often considered a dream job for those who have a passion for working with pets. The kind of training that today’s veterinarian employers look for is taught at Milwaukee Career College.