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Practicing good oral hygiene is the number one key to maintaining a beautiful smile. Not only will it make your pearly whites sparkle, but it can also help protect against certain health problems, such as heart disease.

When inflammation of the gums and periodontal disease cause bacteria to enter the bloodstream, it can cause hardening of the arteries. It can also cause inflammation of the inner lining of the heart with a condition called endocarditis, as well as other health issues.

By getting regular dental checkups, you enable your dentist to spot potential problems, and to prevent their turning into more serious issues. Here are some other steps you can take to maintain healthy teeth:

Do not use tobacco

Tobacco usage can result in halitosis (bad breath), yellow tooth discoloration, increased plaque buildup, loss of bone in the jaw area, and an increased risk of developing gum disease. It is also good to limit alcohol and coffee, both of which have corrosive affects on the teeth.

Use a toothpaste that contains Fluoride

Use a toothpaste that contains Fluoride to brush thoroughly twice a day or more. Fluoride can help replace the mineral loss that takes place when you eat acidic foods, or drink sugary sodas. It also makes your teeth resistant to further damage.

Watch your diet and limit sugary snacks

A healthy diet plays a major role in good dental hygiene. Raw and green leafy vegetables help protect the teeth from demineralization. And therefore, help reduce the number of cavities you can get.

Replace your toothbrush frequently

Bacteria live on your toothbrush, so you may need to replace it often. It’s important to replace your brush, or brush head, approximately every two to three months.  Or as soon as the bristles begin to show noticeable wear.

Schedule regular professional cleanings

There are many benefits associated with getting your teeth professionally cleaned regularly. First and foremost, is that the cleanings help prevent cavities by removing the plaque that builds up on the teeth. They can also help prevent the loss of teeth by holding gum disease at bay. Cleanings can help freshen your breath and give you that sparkling white smile that you want!

Dental Assisting is a popular career option for those interested in helping dentists by preparing patients for treatments, caring for dental instruments and performing other important tasks.

Milwaukee Career College in Milwaukee, Wisconsin offers an dental career training! Our dental assistant program that will give you the skills employers are looking for! Call (800)645-5157 today for additional information.