In the same way commitment, passion and knowledge are skills found in the nation’s top veterinarians, veterinary assistants, or veterinary technicians, are also expected to showcase those same top characteristics.

Highlighting those characteristics is the American Veterinary Medical Foundation, which is looking for the nation’s top veterinarian.

The American Veterinary Medical Foundation (AVMF) is seeking nominations for America’s Favorite Veterinarian, a nationwide search to identify and celebrate extraordinary veterinary professionals, the AVMF announced on its website last month. The contest is open to veterinarians practicing in all areas of veterinary medicine from private practice to public health, agriculture to academia.

“America’s Favorite Veterinarian honors and recognizes those entrusted to preserve and protect the health and well-being of our animals,” the AVMA stated. “The contest celebrates the special relationships pet owners share with their veterinarians and also spotlights the other pivotal roles veterinarians play in society as medical professionals in research labs, public health, government services and academia. Veterinarians will be evaluated on their community involvement, ethical behavior, passion for the profession, and their connections to animals and their owners. Twenty finalists will be selected, and the public will then vote on the finalists to determine the winner of America’s Favorite Veterinarian.”

The traits looked for in a veterinarian are the same traits employers look for in a veterinary assistant. Veterinary assistants should practice ethical behavior, have a passion for the profession and have a connection with pets and their owners.

Veterinary assistants work closely with veterinarians and can be found in a variety of specific veterinary fields. This is why professional training is so important for those individuals seeking to become a top veterinary assistant.

Veterinary technicians serve an important role in a veterinary facility. Many veterinary facilities perform surgical procedures and it is common for a veterinary technician to provide assistance. Veterinary assistants provide assistance during surgery, while also monitoring animals after an operation and administering post-surgery medication.

Working as a veterinary assistant can be a great way to help provide valuable medical care to animals and those with the best professional training often find themselves working closely with a veterinarian during important procedures, such as surgery.

Veterinary technicians also work closely with pet owners.

“Veterinary technicians are often the first person a client will talk to when their pet has a problem, they help translate complex medical terms, and facilitate communications between the veterinary practice and the client,” explains Clark K. Fobian, DVM, president of the American Veterinary Medical Association. “They are crucial partners in delivering the best possible care to animals. As a veterinarian, I’m very grateful for all they do, not only at my practice but, in veterinary clinics across the country.”

In an article on the importance of veterinary technicians on, the diverse duties of a veterinary technicians were listed, which include a variety of clinical assistance to a veterinarian.

“Veterinary technicians often provide nursing care and surgical assistance, in addition to carrying out patient assessments,” the article reported. “They function as radiography technicians, client communicators, educators, medical laboratory technicians, and some even serve as the hospital or practice manager.”

The work of a veterinary technician isn’t easy and the profession can bring daily challenges. But for those with a passion for animals and the right professional training, a career as a veterinary technician can be very rewarding and offer a chance to work in a job that makes a difference in the world.

If you have always dreamed of working with animals then now is the perfect time to launch a new career as a veterinary technician. Veterinary assistants perform a variety of tasks, including monitoring animals after surgery, providing first aid to injured animals and giving medication or immunizations prescribed by the veterinarian. This career offers you a chance to work closely with animals and is often considered a dream job for those who have a passion for working with pets. Professional training is important and Milwaukee Career College offers one of the nation’s top veterinary technician training programs. Now is a great time to fulfill your dream of working in the veterinary field and MCC can help.