The healthcare industry is growing and many jobseekers are finding the perfect career in this field. If you would like to take advantage of healthcare’s growth then you should consider a career as a medical office assistant.

This position can be found in a variety of healthcare setting and students of the Milwaukee Career College’s medical office assistant training program are prepared for certification and receive real-world experience to meet the growing demand that the healthcare industry has for office assistants that understand the specific requirements of working in a hospital, doctors’ office, dentist office or a variety of other medical facilities.

While unemployment remains high, the healthcare industry is bucking that trend with a demand for millions of workers, but you don’t have to go to medical school to take advantage of a career in the healthcare industry. Several factors are leading to substantial growth in the healthcare industry, including the following:

The growth of senior citizens in America will continue to put increased demands on the healthcare industry. Nearly 40 million Americans are older than 65 but that number will increase to nearly 55 million by 2020 and 71 million by 2030. Some statistics show that 80 percent of seniors over the age of 65 have at least one chronic health condition and most have at least two. This will mean as the number of American seniors increases the need for healthcare services will also grow.

Federal and state healthcare regulations will also increase the amount of healthcare services needed. The federal government’s sweeping healthcare reform act last year has increased healthcare services for millions of Americans, and even if parts of the bill do not remain if leadership in government shifts, the pressure to provide more healthcare services will remain. Many states are also looking for ways to create their own healthcare regulations that will also increase the number of people seeking medical care.

Minorities are often the least likely to receive needed healthcare, but that is also changing. As the standard of living improves for many minority groups and federal regulations increase access to care for minority populations, this will also put an increased demand on the healthcare industry.

Improvements in technology, new medical breakthroughs and America’s aging population will all add to the demand currently experienced by the healthcare industry.

Medical office assistant students at Milwaukee Career College’s receive training in medical terminology, medical coding and billing, and medical insurance processing. If you are looking for a career change then take advantage of this growing industry by completing the medical office assistant training program and put yourself in position to receive a stable job as a medical office assistant.

A passion of helping others is something some people are just born with. Many of those types of people find their way to the health care industry because it offers a way to directly help those in need by providing needed medical care. However, pending several years in school is not necessary to take your love for helping others to the health care field as medical assistants are an in demand position that require a much shorter training process.

Working as a medical assistant is a perfect way to take advantage of the growing health care industry while not having to obtain a lengthy and expensive medical degree. Doctors and nurses are popular professions, but so are medical assistants because they offer the chance to work in the growing health care industry and have good pay and benefits.

Medical assistant duties can include taking patient histories and measuring vital signs, helping physicians with patient examinations, administering patient injections and scheduling appointments. All of these tasks require working closely with patients and that’s a skill set that some people are born with.

Just as it is for doctors and nurses, medical assistants are in high demand as employers across the country are looking for professionally trained medical assistants to help meet growing demand by Americans for medical care. In fact, employers are actually facing a shortage of properly trained medical assistants and that means many students graduating from the training program at Milwaukee Career College face multiple opportunities upon completion of the program.