The American Veterinary Medical Association is in the process of developing its Guidelines for the Humane Slaughter of Animals and it is relying on the suggestions of veterinary professionals.

The treatment of animals in all aspects is being highlighted by many animal rights groups and animal organization. There is also a push to hire more professionally trained veterinary assistants who can help improve the quality of care that animals receive.

According to an AVMA press release, a panel has developed some ideas on how to minimize pain in animals during slaughter.

“The Panel on Humane Slaughter developed the guidelines to help veterinarians minimize pain and distress in hooved animals, poultry, rabbits, and fish prior to and during slaughter,” stated the AVMA press release. “The document describes what conditions and actions the panel found to be appropriate, starting with the arrival of animals at a slaughter facility, and it includes details on regulations, oversight, training, facility design, animal movement, and slaughter techniques.”

AVMA officials say that the guidelines are just a first draft and the process is still underway to develop a final recommendation.

“An AVMA panel has put together these draft guidelines on humane slaughter, but this is just the first step in the approval process,” explains Dr. Gail Golab, director of the AVMA Animal Welfare Division. “We need our members to come forward and offer their informed, professional, scientific and sensitive comments on these draft guidelines so we can incorporate their input and produce final guidelines that reflect the combined wisdom and expertise included in our association.”