Veterinary professional holding a puppy.

Turn Your Passion For Animals Into A Career You’ll Love!

The unemployment rate is falling but millions of Americans continue to struggle to find work. Millions more have a job but are looking for a career that will not only help them provide for their family’s future but is a career they are passionate about.

Finding a career in a growing industry is important, but so is finding an industry that offers you the chance to do something you love. If you love working with animals then working as a veterinary assistant could be the perfect fit for you.

High Demand For Veterinary Assistants

Pet ownership across America is on the rise and pet owners are spending more money on veterinary care than ever before. That growth has led to a demand for veterinary workers, especially veterinary assistants who perform a variety of tasks in an animal clinic or hospital.

The demand for veterinary assistants means there are thousands of open jobs across the country, but these jobs also require an applicant with professional training. Employers are looking for veterinary assistants who possess the skills necessary to keep up in today’s fast-paced veterinarian environment. A combination of classroom instruction and hands-on experience at Milwaukee Career College is preparing students to enter this growing career field.

Veterinary Training Offered At MCC

If you enjoy working with animals and have the compassion to care for pets and their families, then becoming a professionally trained veterinary assistant could be the perfect job for you. This growing industry has a demand for compassionate and professionally trained veterinary assistants, especially as the amount of money that consumers spend on veterinary care continues to rise across the country.