Surgical technician working, with surgery patient in background.

Surgical technicians have an important role to play in the operating room. They work directly under the surgeon to perform a variety of tasks before, during, and after surgical procedures. The surgical tech keeps the surgeon on track, providing tools as needed. Becoming a surgical tech is a great career choice for those interested in the medical field.

Surgical Technology Training at Milwaukee Career College

Our goal at Milwaukee Career College is to prepare you for your future career in surgical technology. In just two years, you could earn your Associates Degree in surgical technology and start working a job you love. Discover how surgical tech training at MCC can help you succeed in the field!

Learn the Skills You Need to Succeed

The surgical tech program offered at Milwaukee Career College teaches critical skills through hands-on training. Students gain skills by practicing with real surgical tools and demonstrations from experienced professionals within the field.

A few of the skills taught in the surgical technology program include:

  • Disinfecting the operating room before and after surgical procedures
  • Proper sterilization techniques of all medical equipment
  • Setting up surgical supplies in a way that will help the surgeon
  • Best practices to account for and keep track of all surgical instruments
  • Maintaining proper sterilization of medical equipment during a procedure

In addition to gaining important skills, students will also gain real-world experience through an externship at a real medical facility. Students spend six weeks at an externship site to practice the skills they’ve learned.

Get Help Paying For Your Surgical Tech Training

A career in surgical technology requires extensive training to be successful. Milwaukee Career College understands some may have a hard time affording the necessary training to get started in the field. That’s why we are proud to offer a variety of financial assistance and scholarship programs to our students. Our financial aid staff members are here to help you find the programs that work best for you! We can help you find ways to finance your dreams of becoming a surgical tech. Take a look at how we helped surgical tech student, Ruth Duran, get financial relief for her training.

Training For a Rewarding Career You’ll Love

Surgical technology professionals make an enormous impact on a daily basis. They assist surgeons in performing life-altering, and sometimes life-saving, procedures on patients each and every day. As a surgical tech, you will get to make a difference by helping people live healthier, happier, and fuller lives. A job that allows you to help others is one you can feel good about going to every day!

Not only is the work itself rewarding, but the pay is also excellent! Surgical technicians make $20 – $25 per hour. Meaning a full-time surgical tech can expect to earn about $45,000 annually. The majority of companies hiring surgical techs also offer comprehensive benefits packages including insurance, 401k, paid time off and much more.

Get Hired as a Surgical Technology

Our Career Services Team develop and nurture relationships with area employers to assist graduates in finding a job they’ll love. We work with a variety of employers so our students can complete their externship and be notified of job openings first-hand. Milwaukee Career College is proud to offer job placement assistance to graduates of our surgical tech program.

Aside from helping our graduates get hired, the demand for surgical technicians has never been higher. Demand for surgical techs is expected to rise by about 15% between 2014 and 2024. This is a much faster growth rate than the majority of other industries, which ensures that you have a steady, stable job with high demand for years to come.

Explore The Program Before You Commit

Starting a new career is a big decision to make. It’s a choice that requires dedication and a strong desire to reach your goals. MCC is here to help you take the next step towards your new career! Got questions? We invite you to come in and meet with an admissions representative to learn more about the program.

Contact us today if you’re ready to learn more about the exciting world of surgical technology!