Called the “Candid Confessions,” a survey was given to over 1,500 veterinary officials on the practices of their own veterinary clinic. Veterinary professionals said the biggest challenges in their industry that need improvement is training (45 percent), staff communication (40 percent) and client service (32 percent).

This shows that there is a need for new veterinary assistants who understand the importance of communication with both veterinary professionals and clients. Communication is big part of the job of a veterinary assistant and because the number one thing veterinary professionals said they needed was improvement in training, the desire to get professionally trained veterinary assistants has never been higher.

“Respondents were asked to describe the culture of change at their practice,” reported Veterinary Practice News. “The responses were evenly distributed among “change is started but not followed through” (27 percent), “change is slow and difficult” (27 percent), “most of the team embraces change” (23 percent) and “we are always changing for the better” (20 percent).”

There is a nationwide need for veterinary assistants, especially those who have completed a quality training program like the one at MCC. If you have always had a passion for working with animals but do not have the training necessary to become a veterinarian then you still have options to work in this field. Veterinary technicians require training that can be completed in a matter of months and employers are seeking those applicants with training from a respected school like Milwaukee Career College.