Thousands of professionally trained medical assistants are needed right now as the healthcare industry continues to be one of the nation’s fastest growing job sectors.

Few employment sectors have a projected rate of growth as high as the medical assistant field, which the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts will grow by almost 35 percent over the next 10 years. That equates to almost 200,000 positions in the medical assistant field that will need to be filled as medical assistants play an important role in the rapidly growing healthcare sector.

A career as a medial assistant is attractive for many job seekers because it offers a chance to work in the growing healthcare sector where job security is stronger and the pay is higher when compared to many other employment fields. However, the best way to secure a job in this growing field is by completing a professional training program, such as the medical assistant training program at Milwaukee Career College, where some of the nation’s best medial assistants are beginning their career.

Because this sector is growing so fast, healthcare providers are looking for medical assistants who have the right kind of training and are able to hit the ground running in a new job. The healthcare sector is expanding every year and that means more doctors, nurses and medical assistants are needed to help meet the growing demand. While it is often preferred that medical assistants have professional training, the job can be secured with no college experience, making this a great career field for those without a college degree but wanting to enter a professional work environment that offers good pay and a long-lasting career.